Welcome to WUDANG TAO UK, a Wushu School based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire (UK), aimed at spreading the Chinese Wushu and Authentic Internal Martial Arts from the Wudang Mountains, also known as Neijia Quan (Internal Boxing).

We currently have weekly classes on Taiji Quan, Traditional Wushu, Bagua Zhang and Qi Gong. Class timetables and location are specified at the classes section.

Wudang Tao UK is currently teaching Wudang Taiji Instructors Program both in Sheffield and Barcelona. This Program has been designed to pass on the Traditional Teachings from Wudang Mountains in a systematic and structured way and to qualify a group of students after passing the neccesary examinations.

We also currently hold weekly courses on the manipulation of the main Chinese Kungfu Weapons - Staff and Sword. On these courses we are teaching the basic skills and routines for Wudang Kungfu Sword (Jian) and Staff (Gun).

Classes are open to students from all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced practitionners, from teenagers to senior citizens. 

The Wudang Tao UK team often takes part in Performances and Shows for Chinese Culture all around the UK.

Pablo Salas, Director of Wudang Tao, is a certified Wudang Wushu Instructor by the Wudang China Kung fu Academy and also registered instructor for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

The disciplines taught at Wudang Tao UK come directly from Wudang Mountains and, as such, Taoist roots from the Ancient Taoist Martial Arts Tradition are respected and transmitted.

Wudang Tao UK, its instructors and students take part in both national and international Championships always obtaining great results in different categories.