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Welcome to WUDANG TAO UK, a Wushu School based in Sheffield, UK, aimed at spreading the Chinese Wushu and Authentic Internal Martial Arts from the Wudang Mountains, also known as Neijia Quan.

Pablo Salas, Director of Wudang Tao, is a certified Wudang Wushu Instructor by the Wudang China Kung fu Academy and also registered instructor for the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain


Classes available on Traditional Wudang Wushu, Wudang Tai Ji System (Tai Ji Quan, Wu Ji and Liang Yi), Bagua Zhang and Qi Gong. Check out the class timetables at the section classesMore information about the styles on left side menu.

Classes cover all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced practitionners. 


Private lessons and weekend workshops available on demand.


Our extensive syllabus includes classes for health preservation and well-being, such as Taiji Quan and Qi Gong. These classes are perfect for relieving stress, re-energizing and keeping inner balance. Emphasis is placed on coordination of slow and graceful movements with breathing techniques and stretching. These activities are suitable for practitioners of all ages and their proven health benefits can be experienced in the short term. 

Taiji Quan and Qi Gong are also known for relieving stress, improving blood circulation, easing muscular pain, etc. These arts are usually recommended as a complimentary treatment for a number of illnesses and conditions. However, despite the health orientation, it is important to note that Taiji Quan is an internal martial art originally designed for combat and self defense. 


Bagua Zhang and Liang Yi are somewhere in the middle as they focus on the developement of internal energy. The combination of fluid motion with combat techquiques and controled breathing fills every movement with energy and intention.

Traditional Daoist Gong Fu is a physically-demanding style, perfect for practitionners willing to develop their strength, speed, flexibility, reflexes and power. These involve fast and flowing movements, high-kicking and deeply-rooted stances.

The Wudang system places great emphasis on basic work and true martial skills, as opposed to flashy postures and empty movements often found in the martial arts world. Over time, the development of advanced martial arts skills comes with consistent training and self-discipline, coupled with a deeper understanding of your own body and a closer connection to your true inner self.